Beauty with Swiss PrecisionLa Colline was born in the heart of the protected valley of the Rhone River in Switzerland''s Valais Canton.The birthplace of the brand is Sion, a town nestled between two hills ("collines" in French) close to the Swiss Riviera, a hub of biotechnological industry renowned in the world for skin cellular therapy.For all of its customers, women and men alike, La Colline has developed different skin care lines offering high-performance solutions to their specific anti-aging needs.At the heart of La Colline products is the CMAge Complex ensuring the anti-aging effectiveness each individual product. A trio of benefits is assured - hydration, protection and oxygenation deep within the cells.Faithful to its social and societal commitments in Switzerland, La Colline has initiated a PhD fellowship at the University Hospital of Zurich.

Welcome to the world of MARIA GALLAND PARIS. A world in which inner and outer beauty are in harmony. A world of exclusive skin care that is more than skin deep. A delight for body and soul. A realm for all the senses. 

Welcome to a world for individualists, with personalised treatment programmes from head to toe. Ultimately, no one person’s skin is the same as another’s; each is as unique as the individual themselves. So put the future of your skin into the hands of specialists – the ambassadresses of beauty à la MARIA GALLAND PARIS!

The beauty solution where technological innovation (the equipment), scientific research (the products) and experience (the place and the beauty ambassador) come together to guarantee maximum effectiveness for a personalized method and program.

INGRID MILLET has grown into an international leader in Medical Beauty. True to our mission, we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of the new technological advances, and focus our efforts in the area of medical beauty. We provide the support of a globally integrated structure for breakthrough discoveries to emerge. Our French research teams focus on innovation and the application of technological breakthrough to skincare. Our international presence allows us to keep abreast of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies in the world of aesthetic devices, and our experienced training teams design combined programmes to serve our customers throughout the world as a leading medical beauty provider.
Bruno Vassari

Bruno Vassari was fund in 1984by a group of professionals from the world of cosmetics, marketing and business, who decided to create a new brand of cosmetics for the professional market. For that reason, they were inspired by the Italian classics, and between them, by Giorgio Vasari, a big popular painter, sculptor and architect from the sixteenth century. Like he did, these professionals wanted to break down with the past, and start a new path in the professional beauty market.

Each Biophora product and protocol is designed to improve specific skin conditions with the speed, effectiveness and safety our medical professionals have come to expect for their patients. The simple goal is to normalize and improve skin function to restore and maintain a healthier, younger skin appearance.